Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top 5 fruit ciders

The top five fruit ciders are as follows:

1. Jacques Fruit Cider

Alcohol volume: 5.5%

Exquisite! Delicious! Some of the words to describe this fruit cider
a scrumptiously refreshing blend of lightly sparkling Belgian cider combined with the concentrated juices of fruits of the forest! The perfect alcoholic beverage for a hot summer’s night it places a lot of other ciders (including their parent company's product regular strongbow) to shame. This is a luxuriously fruity drink that's without a doubt best served cold. It is infused with a distinctly fruity taste that rather agreeably overpowers the "cider taste", if you will. It has no particular fruit taste, but instead several blended together, and tastes nice enough that you may well forget that you're even drinking alcohol, which is quite a rarity. It may not be the cheapest option however, and if you're on a budget, they're actually rather pricey, and so are unlikely to be the best option if you're looking for a cheap night out. But it does have an alcohol volume of 5.5% which is somewhat higher than most beers and if you value taste enough to splash out extra, get ready for a deliciously fruity treat with jacques fruit cider!

2. Jacques Orchid Fruit Cider

Alcohol volume: 5.5%

A deliciously refreshing blend of lightly sparkling Belgian cider and the concentrated juice of orchard fruits, The liquid inside looks a light clear greenish yellow colour and when you open it you are hit with a remarkable smell, hard to define at first but then a smooth blend of apple pear and what appears like apricot or elderflower hits your nose and wafts around the room. Delightful.
What a flavour! Definitely apple and pear and something else which you’re not quite able to put your tongue into what it was straight away possibly apricot or elderflower but definitely orchard fruity flavours for sure. This Belgium made cider feels lighter like the 5.5% volume and provides a perfect contribution to a hot summers evening. Jacques Orchid Fruit Cider smells gorgeous to get those taste buds going and tastes slightly sparkling and gorgeous to finish of a wonderful experience.

3. Kopparberg Mixed Fruit Cider

Alcohol volume: 4%

Kopparberg mixed fruit cider is deliciously refreshing fruit cider that claims to deliver the distinctive fruity taste of the Swedish summer. Well it does! It is a very pleasent cider to drink chilled in the summer and yet also, dare I say it, feels so right when drinking in front of the fire in the wintertime. The mixed fruits combined with the traditional Kopparberg apple cider deliver a unique and different twist to the more traditional cider flavour. They make it by adding the juice of blackcurrants and raspberries to produce a truly distinctive fruity taste, rich in colour and refreshing down to the last special drop. Highly recommended if you are after an alternative to traditional ciders!

4. Brothers Strawberry Mixed Pear Cider

Alcohol volume: 4%

Served at the Glastonbury festival since 1995.
It has a similar taste to the Kopparberg mixed fruit cider. It is deliciously refreshing when chilled on a hot summer’s eve and it smells gorgeous. It is quite week at 4% for a cider and sometimes you can struggle to taste the alcohol. The colouring is a bright red colour and it looks so drinkable. However, this fruit cider is extremely sweet so it can get sickly after a few bottles.

5. Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime Cider

Alcohol volume: 4%

The juice of both Elderflower and Lime are added to Kopparberg Apple cider resulting in a drier yet still invigorating and refreshing taste. Clear in colour and slightly less sweet, At just 4% Kopparberg Elderflower and Lime is not a strong cider. It is a clear, pale colour with a relatively small amount of carbonation. The primary flavour is elderflower with the lime merely providing a background note. It tastes just like one would imagine, lightly carbonated elderflower cordial. It is extremely sweet which some traditional cider drinkers will find off-putting, but it is perfect beverage for girly drinkers! The only real problem is that one cannot taste the alcohol at all as it is so weak. So you will get through it quickly if you’re not concentrating on sipping slowly, it's probably therefore a good thing that this cider is only 4%.

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